Conference History

Where it all began

The 28th International tRNA Conference will bring together researchers from around the world studying the many aspects of tRNA biology.

Initiated in 1969 in Cambridge, this series of congresses is one of the most ancient and uninterrupted series of international conference in biology. The last meeting, held in Strasbourg, France in 2018, was a real success. 40 years after hosting the 9th edition of this congress, Strasbourg is proud to host again the tRNA conference. 

As emphasized at recent tRNA conferences, tRNA biology continuously reveals new surprising findings. tRNA biology is undoubtedly at a crossroad. Novel technologies allow to address new biological questions and to identify new functions. tRNA biology becomes essential to understand translation regulation, for synthetic biology, for systems biology or to understand the world of small RNAs. Now, more than ever, tRNA biology is also of major societal importance, as the number of diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer, myopathies, related to tRNA dysfunctions is regularly growing.

We wish to share with all of you the best of tRNA biology. We are thus delighted to invite you to attend the 28th tRNA conference, in our city, in the heart of the mid-west!.